Campus Evacuation to Shelters

Several evacuation shelters have been prepared in the event that the campus is affected by chemical or biological accident attack, remnants from fire and/or smoke, or severe weather. The shelters are prepared with a supply of water and with plastic and tape to seal the rooms.

This evacuation occurs when ample time is available to adequately assess the emergency and emergency officials are safely able to evacuate all campus patrons to the shelters. The shelters are designed as temporary zones for occupation until the threat or emergency has subsided or ended.

Each building on campus has a designated point to which they must evacuate when instructed by Public Safety or other authorized officials.

Orders to evacuate to the shelters will be initiated by the emergency siren, telephone, e-mail, broadcast messaging and runners. All community members should implement the “Shelter-in-Place” procedure until instructed to proceed with evacuation to campus shelters.

The following buildings are evacuation points on campus for certain emergencies and occupants of these respective areas must evacuate to the designated buildings identified below.

Evans (ground floor) is the evacuation point for:

  • Evans Hall
  • Alumnae House
  • Inman Hall
  • Hopkins Hall
  • Main Hall

Winship Hall (ground floor) is the evacuation point for:

  • Walters Hall
  • Winship Hall
  • Alston Campus Center

Buttrick Hall (ground level corridor & two large classrooms) is the evacuation point for:

  • Presser Hall
  • Theme Houses
  • McCain Library
  • Rebekah Scott Hall
  • Buttrick

Woodruff Physical Activities Building is the evacuation point for:

  • Woodruff Physical Activities Building
  • Bullock Science Center
  • Dance Studio
  • Dana Fine Arts Building
  • 342 S. McDonough St.
  • 354 S. McDonough St.
  • Bradley Observatory and Delafield Planetarium
  • Julia Thompson Smith Chapel