Campus Evacuation to Off Site

  • Evacuation of all or part of the campus grounds will be announced via the college’s rapid communication system and other available means by the Department of Public Safety and/or the Office of Communications after the decision is made by the Crisis Management Team.
  • All persons are to immediately vacate the area of the campus in question and relocate as instructed. The Crisis Coordinating Committee will assist with evacuation procedures.

Warning Sirens to Evacuate
The type of emergency or threat confronting the campus will dictate which alarm system will be activated. When on the Agnes Scott campus, the following alarms will initiate the evacuation procedures:

  • Interior Fire and Smoke Alarm: The internal alarm will activate inside the building. Fire alarms will sound a buzzer and flashing lights. Once the alarm is activated, building occupants should proceed with evacuation procedures.
  • Tornado warnings: The alarm for tornado warnings is an external siren placed on campus. The siren will emit a continuous blast for approximately two minutes, followed by a verbal message and may repeat in succession as appropriate.
  • Crisis Alert Siren: The crisis siren will be activated in the event of the following:
    • Explosion from a bomb or missile
    • Hazardous material spill
    • Chemical cloud
    • Other threats that could have a serious health or safety risk, and the evacuation of the campus to the predetermined shelters is imminent.

When the attack siren is activated, community members will be given instructions.

All Clear Siren
The “all clear” siren will emit three short blasts.  Several “all-clear” warnings will be sounded after the passing of a threat.