Evacuation Proceedures

Depending on the type and degree of the emergency, the campus may be subject to evacuation. The type of emergency will dictate the response by first responders and college officials. A single type of evacuation is not appropriate for all emergencies and as a result, deviation from the established procedure may be necessary for the overall safety and wellbeing of the campus community. Any deviation or modification to evacuation procedures during an emergency will rest with the director of public safety in consultation with the Crisis Management Team and Crisis Coordinating Committee.

Evacuation Types

  • Shelter-in-Place-Stay where you are or, if possible, go to an interior safe area of your building.
  • Building Evacuation-one or more buildings, but not the entire campus, must move to a designated location.
  • Campus Evacuation to Evacuation Shelters-Entire campus must move to designated on campus location or locations.
  • Campus Evacuation to Off-site Location(s)-everyone must leave the campus and go to a designated place off site.

Providing Assistance to Persons with Disabilities
Residence Life and the Public Safety Department will identify persons with disabilities in advance of emergency situations, and

  • Designate a person in the same or adjacent area to provide assistance as requested or required by the individual;
  • Ensure the safe movement of all persons with disabilities and account for them as soon as possible.